Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century

Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century


What We Do

Mark in the 21st
Mark in the 21st

Bob Foxworth appears in the spirit of Mark Twain,...

... presenting funny, soul-satisfying, wholesome family entertainment suitable for any audience.

Bringing the "Man for All Times" into the 21st Century word for word, interwoven with Bob’s “Twainesque” comments (things Mark might have said to us), Bob Foxworth “is” Mark Twain.


You might have seen him opening for the Grammy Award-winning Bombshell Duo "Letters from Home" at the Carolina Theatre or strolling and schmoozing at a Community Theater gala or performing pithy monologues on stage at the Greensboro Historical Museum or the Winston-Salem Air Show or at Wake Forest University or at a church or a civic club or a retirement community. We recently helped Barnes & Noble celebrate teachers and educators on two Saturdays in August. 

A show might include comments on the uniqueness of the "Autobiography of Mark Twain", including two or maybe, three versions of the whence the name "Mark Twain"; plus why he usually prefers to introduce himself, “The Value of a Great Sense of Humor”, “The Annoyance of Setting a Good Example” and “On the Decay in the Art of Lying”, where Twain decries the state of what we all do but few do well and helpfully. Also, you’ll likely hear Twain’s denial of the rumor that he "Cannot Quit Smoking", including advice on "How to Break a Bad Habit". You may witness Mark utter Bob’s Twainesque musings, including the story of how "The Man in White” came to be so attired and why you see him "Wearing Spectacles". If the crowd looks at all menacing, (or just to be persnickety) 'Mark' is likely to school you on "How to Handle Hecklers" and on things of the current day such as "Being Mistaken for The  Colonel”, (Colonel Saunders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame) and his interpretation of "The Phenomenon of Self Storage”, which kicks off with Twain’s none-too-complimentary definition of civilization. Prompted by this time of political turmoil, Bob may recount Twain’s comments on voting rights, including the nature of "God's Politics" and on politics in general, most of which speak to what's going on in the present day.

In any event, be prepared for funny, soul-satisfying, wholesome family entertainment in the spirit of Mark Twain.

For booking call 336-833-7635 and ask for Mrs. Twain or tell us what you want through our "Let Us Hear From You" contact page.

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