Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century

Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century


Who We Are

Bob Foxworth’s first exposure to books and reading was not “Dick and Jane see the ball” but Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “The Prince and the Pauper” read to 5 year old Bobby by his dad. Bob was moved again by Huck in 10th grade English and his unconscious fascination with Twain surfaced to stay in 2009 when he bought a white linen suit, the required attire on Sundays during the summer for men in the gospel choir at his church. Being frugal, Bob began to reflect on how he could get more out of his investment. “Why, I’ll be Mark Twain,” came soon to mind. He already had a mustache and wore his graying hair fairly long so all he needed was a box of cigars, some white hair coloring and a Twain bit.

Bob and Mark’s first bit together was "On the Decay in the Art of Lying," which they performed pro bono at the Winston-Salem NC Air Show; their second performance was as the opening act for the “Sweet Caroline” folk rock group at Wake Forest Universary. [Click to see the cell phone video upload by an anonymous audience member.] "Sweet Caroline", the previous act on the air show program, stayed around to take in “Mark”, hired our act on the spot and insisted on paying us $15 out of their meager performance fee. Since then the twain (Mark & Bob) have not only met but are getting on quite well indeed, appearing in many different venues, usually as a solo act. Venues include libraries, museums, churches, civic groups, health fairs, theaters and theater galas and fundraisers with shows from a 5 minute opening act to feature performances of an hour or more.

Bob is retired from a sales and marketing career that spanned over 40 years and now performs Twain professionally as his full time vocation. Get Bob an engagement, and he’ll pay a chunk of the proceeds to a charity of your designation. [NOTE FROM MARK: “You may designate yourself as recipient of these charitable benevolences.”]

For booking call 336-833-7635 and ask for Mrs. Twain or tell us what you want through our "Let Us Hear From You" contact page.

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