Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century

Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century


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TESTIMONIAL from Ellen Lane Haggar, Retired Professor at College of Charleston

"Mr. Foxworth truly inhabited the person of Mark Twain!"

TESTIMONIAL from Leslie Sanders, Programs and Events Coordinator


"It was great to talk with you this morning and to get this scheduled. I am confirming, Tuesday, August 6 2:30-3 meet n greet, 3:00 performance, 4:00-4:30 more 1:1 conversation, all this for the bargain price of $300."

TESTIMONIAL from George Morehead, Retiree

"Excellent performance!"

TESTIMONIAL from Nancy Fahy, Retiree

"I thought he was Mark Twain."

TESTIMONIAL from Meredith Fowler,  Assisted Living Life Enrichment Coordinator

"Your show was very entertaining and educational and many of the residents were hooked on what you had to say. The show was very professional and very organized and we definitely recommend it to other facilities and thank you for performing for us!"

TESTIMONIAL from Hillary McGee,  Assisted Living Events Coordinator

"We really enjoyed it and hope to have him back soon!"

TESTIMONIAL from David Dalton, Realtor and retired HUD Executive

"I’m guilty of reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. I suspect my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents share that guilt. Regrettably, Mark Twain has largely skipped the attention of a more recent generation.


Bring “Twain” back before his seminal contribution to American literature is lost forever. Take time, if you will, to appreciate and understand Mark Twain in a new light, as interpreted by my friend Bob Foxworth." 

TESTIMONIAL from Jeff Jones, Professor of History

"This is an amazing rendition of Twain in our 21st century: you'll think the real Mark Twain has arisen in our modern world and, of course, is as astutely on point with his political critique of American politics and society as he ever was! Seriously, if you get a chance to see this man in action do not pass it up as it is truly amazing." 

TESTIMONIAL from Nils Skudra, Master of Arts in History

"My mother and I went to the home of Bob Foxworth and his wife Signe for a delicious vegan lunch and the opportunity to see him perform in the role of celebrated American satirist Mark Twain. Following introductions and lunch, we sat down to watch his performance. Mr. Foxworth proceeded to deliver a superb rendition of Mark Twain's humor, truly blending in with the character in his manner of dress, physical appearance and speech mannerisms. The oration was filled with down-to-earth Twain humor and wisdom, and Mr. Foxworth literally became Mark Twain through his delivery. I was very honored to have the pleasure and opportunity to watch Bob Foxworth's performance, and I would highly recommend that the Greensboro History Museum and the High Point Museum make arrangements for him to give renditions at their respective venues."

TESTIMONIAL from Donnie Lafferty, Corporate Executive

"It was great speaking with you today! I reviewed your website and watched a video clip of you. This was quite enjoyable. What courage you have to stand on stage and share such interpretation. I do want to learn more of your goals and your plan and your schedule of upcoming performances. 

God bless you man! I am very proud of you. You looked great and sounded great in the performance. I want to speak with you about Mark Twain. I must admit I am not all versed on Mark Twain. I feel as though I should be, but I am not." 


For booking call 336-833-7635 and ask for Mrs. Twain or tell us what you want through our "Let Us Hear From You" contact page.

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