Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century

Bringing Mark Twain & Albert Einstein into the 21st Century


Audition for America's Got Talent

'Mark' and Bob have auditioned to compete on America's Got Talent presenting this piece. It is a roughly 3 minute portion of our short show entitled "Funny Bits", which premiered during the 2018 Christmas season at Lynn & Mike Goodwin's Annual Christmas Party for the members of the Silver Sneakers aerobics classes she teaches.

The America's Got Talent Q&A may interest you:

AGT: “Tell us a little about yourself! What makes your talent unique? What do you do for a living? What is your ultimate goal? What should we know about you?”

ABOUT MYSELF: I call myself a Mark Twain interpreter, rather than impersonator, because my purpose is to bring “The man for all times" into the 21st Century word for word, interwoven with “Twainesque” comments and bits (things I  believe Mark might have said to us). 

UNIQUENESS OF TALENT: If I do anything that is unique, relative to others who perform as Mark Twain, it is to comment on what I think he would have found comment-worthy in the 21st century. For example "The Phenomenon of 'Self Storage’" in which "Mark" elaborates on his definition of civilization as  "…the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities!"

ULTIMATE GOAL: I aspire to be the second best portrayer of Mark Twain ever, second only to Hal Holbrook, but unique in my own style.

WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING & WHAT YOU  SHOULD KNOW ABOUT  ME:    I portray Twain full time, having retired from 40 plus years in sales and marketing in September of 2017, coincidentally the same month Holbrook retired from performing "Mark Twain Tonight".  


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